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Managing a Project Using a Gantt Chart Using Microsoft Excel

It is easy to run a project with the aid of a Gantt chart.You need to simply come up with a project plan.Normally a project plan includes a listing of such things as:
  • The various activities and phases part of a project
  • The schedule starting date of your activity
  • The scheduled duration that an activity will continue for

In the perspective of tracking the workyou can add:
  • Your starting date of the activity
  • The real time period of the actual activity
  • The percentage of the activity completed on a given date

You can actually use score well in a great way for managing the project plan. Microsoft Excel alsoenables you to produce a dynamic Gantt chart which may:
  • Automatically update itself once the date changes
  • Easily display a different bar that will rise on such basis as the share with the tasks which is completed regarding every activity.
  • Highlight the present day or week in a subtle way

You can easily create a Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel. Listed below are the steps to take action:
  • You have to first produce a Gantt chart layout.
  • After this you need to give a number of several columns in the long run; you need one for every singleday of the project.
  • Then you've to offer designation to various cellswhere you can easily maintain the various values
  • You also have to incorporate the various formulas inside the different cells. You need to find out the formula according top the task you might be undertaking.
  • You'll then need to adjust the different formatting options such as the width from the column, its colorsand its fonts. You need to freeze the top row to easily scroll along the chart.

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